What is the aroma of the freshly cut wood? Domenico, Rino and Mario Bazzana know it very well, since they were born with this perfume; it characterized the little carpentry of their father Callisto in Cene, a little town in Seriana Valley. With a forward-looking vision addressed to the future, the three brothers went through
the craft dimension, opening in Gazzaniga (BG), Via C.Battisti nr.185, their first furniture
showroom. It was very big and it was necessary to name it. The choice wasn’t simple. The three brothers didn’t want to displease anybody; for this reason
they decided to send about 1.500 mails to the residents of the area, asking to choose the name to
give to the showroom located in Gazzaniga. The majority chose “The Arcade” (Il Portico).
Between the answers there was a suggestion too: “I’d prefer call it To The Arcade(Al Portico) since
people will go To The Arcade.” The three brothers liked the observation and they chose “To the
Arcade (Al Portico)”.

The showroom of Gazzaniga was opened on the 26th May 1968. The success was immediate. As time passed, with intelligence and taste, they began to suggest to their customers furnishing from national and international design. Their policy was to choose objects that pass through time without being crossed by time.
The success of an honest way of doing and the commitment of a whole family gave birth in 1979 to the Schiffini kitchen center in Bergamo, Via Spaventa. This shop had been opened until 1986, when the three brothers decided to open another showroom in Bergamo, Via V° Alpini 6/A.
In the same year, the Totem was built out of both showrooms. Designed by Piero Lissoni, it became the most important identifying symbol of Al Portico furniture store; it can be seen from a distance, thanks to its scenic prominence. In September 1996, the carpentry moved from Cene to Comenduno di Albino (BG), in a bigger
space able to contain technologically advanced machineries and to face the growing request of custom works.
During the years Al portico has taken advantage of the careful and important contribution of Mrs Daniela (Rino Bazzana’s wife) who has always cooperated in the management of commercial and accounting area.
The story of Al Portico has always strongly interweaved with the one of the Companies that it represents. Some of them were born before Al Portico, other in the same time and other after it.
The present and the future are based on careful, prudent, rational and at the same time creative planning.
Who comes and see us can find passion and professionalism which are directed toward one goal: improve the quality of housing and living.

Un team capace di creare soluzioni d'arredo di qualità

Raffaella Bazzana

She had graduated from Arts high school and after that she attended specific interior design courses at School "Istututo Tecnico del mobile IPSIA G. Meroni" located in Lissone (next to Milan).
She also attended some courses in marketing and sales strategy in Milan and lots of refresher courses organized by the companies that we represent.
She has been part of Al Portico's staff for 20 years as interior designer.
She is specialized in interior design projects for houses and companies' offices, housing renovations and plant design.
She has important contractual experiences with abroad customers.

Roberta Bazzana

She had graduated in 2004 at IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) of Milan. In the same year she had started working in Bestetti's Studio where she had developed interior design projects for showrooms belonging to high level furniture sector.
She has been part of Al Portico's team since 2005 in quality of interior designer.
In 2009 she attended the Store Manager course at Milan Politechnic organized by Ferdemobili; since ages she has been curating both Al Portico's showrooms with the help of Cinzia Verzeri.

Eleonora Bazzana

After obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business, she had worked as research assistant at Economic Department of University of Bergamo, after that she attended a Master of Science in Economics at University of Surrey (UK). After this important learning experience she had been working for a couple of years in a consulting firm located in Bergamo.
Since 2009 she has been working in Al Portico as clerk; she is also in charge of some specific commercial aspects, human resource management and workers' safety.

Davide Bazzana

For more than 14 years he has been working in assembly department thanks to his preparation in this sector but also to specific knowledge in woodworking.
A professionalism that joined to Silvio Ghilardini's and Luca Dentella's experience, helps Al Portico to solve all customer's needs, even the most peculiar ones that appear during the assembly process.

Maurizio Locatelli

For 11 years he had been building important technical and commercial responsibilities in 2 big companies. After that he had experience in fields of kitchens, household electrical appliances, offices and furnishing accessories.
For 12 years He has been part of Al Portico's team contributing with his technical knowledge to the development of new projects with deep attention to market demands. Now he is activating new commercial relationships with architects and entrepreneurs of real estate sector.

Cinzia Verzeri

She has been part of Al Portico's staff for more than 30 years, following the outfitting of Bergamo's showroom and giving important interior design consultation to her customers (both private customers or companies). With enthusiasm and passion she improves her professionalism through the attendance to refresher courses organized by the companies that Al Portico represents.
She has realized important projects whether in Italy or abroad, taking care of furniture and furnishing accessories.

Giovanni Cugini

He has a diploma in interior design; after school he had worked for an architectural firm located in Milan; then he had an important professional experience working for Ca' Longa company in quality of interior designer. With the same task in 1977 he began working for Al Portico. He provides interior design advice suggesting important furniture's solutions thanks to his forty-year experience.

Daniela Cassera

After the Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business, she specialized in furniture's economic aspects.
She has a twenty-year experience in Al Portico, in charge of estimating and arranging contracts that our interior designers submit to their customers.
She has a full knowledge of furniture's products and materials; moreover she has a substantial talent in processing orders up to delivery and after-sales.

Ilaria Preis

She had graduated at IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) of Milan; after that she immediately started working as designer in a furniture showroom. Since 2006 she has been part of our staff as interior designer. She belongs to the group of new generation professionals thanks to whom Al Portico looks both to its present and to its future.

Sara Zanga

She has a diploma in surveying; she increased her preparation attending courses at Art School Andrea Fantoni located in Bergamo, where she obtained the qualification of interior designer. She has been working in Al Portico since 2015 as interior designers' assistant. She participates to the meeting with our customers, trying to learn as much as she can from her colleagues.

Silvia Suardi

She has an accountancy qualification; she has been in charge of Al Portico's accounting area for 35 years, organizing the needs of the accounting department.
She followed and directly participated to company's development and evolution. With fun she says: "...I know everything of this company! I'm still here with the same passion that I had at the beginning of my working experience but with more white hair".

Marco Bosio

He has an accountancy qualification; he has been part of Al Portico's staff since 1988 for this reason he lived the complete development of our company. He helps Silvia Suardi in managing accounting. Moreover thanks to his qualities he is a precious support for commercial team and he is in charge of the update of catalogues and price lists.

Silvio Ghilardini

Since 1980 he has been one of the specialists in assembling Al Portico's furniture. Thanks to his strong experience and professionalism he is an important part of assembly department. With fun he says: "In 36 years I have been losing my hear but I still keep all the energy that I had when I started working here!".

Luca Dentella

He earned a diploma in interior design at Bergamo's Istituto Fantoni; at the beginning of his working experience he had worked in a carpentry obtaining a lot of experience in materials and architectural systems. Since 1991 he has been part of our staff as assembler; thanks to his professionalism and experience he is one of the backbones of Al Portico's assembly department.

Patrizia Guerini

She has a specific preparation in commercial correspondence due to her previous working experience in other companies (where she had been working for 13 years). Since 1999 she has been working in Al Portico as cleaning manager. She has the responsibility of keeping Al Portico's showrooms in ideal conditions in terms of order, cleanliness and style; she contributes to increase the appearance and the reputation.