The two Al Portico showrooms, one located in Gazzaniga (2.500 square metre) in Seriana Valley (Italy) and the other one in Bergamo city (2.000 square metre) are the best reference to understand the quality of our proposals and the professionalism of our personnel; in both showrooms customers can find the commitment in providing furniture culture and great products.
Gazzaniga’s showroom was inaugurated in 1968 while the one in Bergamo in 1986.
Both are well visible from the outside thanks to the impressive Al Portico Totem drawn by Piero Lissoni that become in time one of the most important identifying symbol of Al Portico.


Via Quinto Alpini, 6/a
Tel. 035 347 434
Fax. 035 347 642


Via Cesare Battisti, 185
Tel. 035 711 520
Fax. 035 711 440