Each home holds the histories and the passions of the people who live in, that is why in our projects we join the choices and the tastes of our customers with furniture’s trends.
We are specialized home furniture store for all living spaces:
– the kitchen: home creative laboratory, nowadays one of the most important room of the house in terms of sharing experiences
– the entrance: the first space that receives guests and defines home style
– the living room: the space where the relationships succeed and where people spend the most of their time
– the bedroom: the refuge of intimacy and relax
– the bathroom: nowadays it is considered a little wellness centre
– the children bedroom: the space where conciliate parents’ expectations and sons’ tastes


The furniture of one office is for each company its business card to show to customers.
Furnishing an office for us means to create well organized spaces that can increase company reputation but also the concentration and the wellbeing of the people who work in there.
We provide chairs, desks and wardrobes and also partition walls made of different materials, suitable for the space where they are included. Moreover we project and realize rooms dedicated to accommodate guests and customers.


Outdoor furniture needs to be integrated into the nature that surrounds it and at the meantime it has to move closer to the style of the building, trying to cancel the borders between inside and outside: thanks to our experience you can obtain satisfying results.
Moreover we never forget the importance of environment: some of the companies that we represent produce their products with materials that are 100% recyclable and non-toxic.


Light is the material that underlines and gives value to daily emotions; for this reason we believe that this important part of interior design needs to be considered as a furniture basic at the service of functionality and wellbeing.
Projecting with light means to obtain results that last in time; therefore it is important to shape the light in the right way according to specific furniture projects.
For this reason enlightenment for us does not mean only lamps but also illuminating bodies.

Furnishing Accessories

The choice of the Furnishing Accessories to put in a room of a house or of an office demands specific attention since each object needs to be set in order to be in harmony with the other parts of the furniture.
We offer to our customers original projects that also include indications and suggestions for furnishing accessories.
For example, a static space can become dynamic and contemporary thanks to original furnishing accessories where design is the main character.


The consultation that we provide to our customers always includes indications focused on the choice of materials that have to be integrated in different spaces of the house and the office, in respect of functional needs and personal tastes. We also give a lot of importance to the decisions related to materials of floors, wallpapers or paintings, that always have to get along with furniture materials.